My professional ethos is deeply rooted in cultural appreciation, stemming from my upbringing in Liberia. Inspired by my diverse experiences, I instill in students the importance of exploring their cultural identities and integrating them into the creative process. This approach fosters personal discovery and communal growth, yielding captivating designs. As an instructor, I leverage diversity to create an inclusive and dynamic learning environment, utilizing varied strategies, technology, and accessible content to support student engagement and retention.



Drawing from positive and negative experiences as a former fashion student, I strive to create a positive academic climate that empowers students. Through observation and tailored teaching strategies, I implement the ‘I do, we do, you do’ concept to foster confidence and engagement. I value student input, provide constructive feedback, and prioritize a personable yet professional approach to encourage open communication and collaboration within the learning community.


Designers need to understand the complexities of the consumer market, including cultural, economic, and social factors. To foster creativity and deeper learning, I challenge students to consider the purpose and impact of their designs; this encourages critical thinking and social consciousness. Additionally, I promote holistic practices such as self-reflection meditation and breathwork to combat mental and emotional blockages that prohibit fluid creative expression. Through critical and lateral thinking, I engage students in creative conversations about fashion evolution, its role today, environmental responsibility, and futuristic concepts. I aim to employ creativity as a medium for students to reach their highest potential.